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I-680 Sunol Express Lanes

The I-680 Sunol Express Lanes are designated lanes that can be used during heavy traffic to bypass congestion. Express lanes are usually located on the far-left side of select major freeway corridors (described below) and are indicated with white descriptive text on the pavement and electronic signage above the roadway.


Northbound, 9 miles between Auto Mall Parkway and SR-84.
Southbound, a 14-mile stretch from SR-84 to SR-237.


Prices adjust dynamically depending on real-time traffic levels.

Carpools (2+ occupants) and motorcycles with a properly set FasTrak Flex or FasTrak CAV toll tag travel FREE.

Eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs) traveling as a single-occupant receive a 50% discount when using a FasTrak CAV toll tag.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 5:00 am to 8:00 pm, both directions

Method of Payment

FasTrak Flex
Set the switch to match the number of people in the vehicle (motorcycles should use position 3+). Learn more about how the FasTrak Flex toll tag works.

FasTrak CAV
Set the switch to match the number of people in the vehicle. Solo drivers will receive a 50% discount on the posted toll. Vehicles with 2+ occupants travel toll free.

The full toll will be charged.

ACTC information page

Using Express Lanes

Please use the following tips to avoid common pitfalls when traveling in Bay Area express lanes:

You can only enter and exit express lanes at dashed or broken lines on the roadway or at fixed entry and exit points.

Express Lane Diagram 1

Some highway exits may not be available when driving in an express lane. Check roadside signs for details.

Express Lane Diagram 3

Example: On westbound I-580, you must leave the express lane before Hacienda if you want to exit at Dougherty or to access I-680. On eastbound I-580, do not enter the express lane if you need to exit at Santa Rita or Fallon/El Charro.

Do not cross the double white lines to enter or leave an express lane. Crossing them is a traffic violation.

Express Lane Diagram 2

Helpful hint for solo drivers: Overhead signs will display two toll rates: one for traveling through to the next zone and one to travel through until the end of the express lane. If you exit the express lane at the final posted zone, you will be charged the toll that was displayed when you entered the express lane. If you exit the express lane before the final posted zone, you will be charged a lower price.

Express Zone Pricing