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What if I'm not from the Bay Area? How can I use the Bay Area express lanes?

Anyone with a mailing address in the United States can sign up for a FasTrak account. Simply purchase a toll tag at a local retail store and activate it through the new account enrollment process. It’s free to open and maintain a FasTrak account; you only pay for your tolls. A security deposit may be required for the tag, but it will be fully refunded to you if you return the toll tag to FasTrak.

Even for short visits to the Bay Area, signing up for a FasTrak account has its benefits. FasTrak allows you to use express lanes, qualify for carpool and bridge toll discounts, and cross toll bridges without having to stop at the tollbooth.

FasTrak is recognized statewide. Your FasTrak toll tag can be used anywhere you see the FasTrak logo displayed, including the toll roads in Southern California.

Topic: FasTrak Basics