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I have a qualifying clean air vehicle with proper clean air decals. Can I drive in the designated HOV/carpool lane even if I am driving by myself?

State-Owned Toll Bridges

Clean air vehicles displaying yellow, blue, orange or purple clean air decals issued by the DMV can use dedicated HOV/carpool lanes in the Bay Area during designated carpool hours no matter how many people are in the vehicle.

Like all other carpool vehicles, single-occupant clean air vehicles must pay tolls using a FasTrak toll tag (Standard, FasTrak Flex or FasTrak CAV) when driving across the Bay Area toll bridges in an HOV/carpool lane.

Golden Gate Bridge

No. To use the HOV/carpool lane, you must have the minimum passenger requirements for carpools. Drivers caught using an HOV lane without the required number of passengers may be cited by law enforcement.

Topic: Special Vehicles