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How is the prepaid balance in my account replenished?

If you use a credit card as your primary payment method, FasTrak will automatically charge your credit card to replenish your FasTrak account whenever your balance falls below $15 or the minimum threshold. The amount charged to your credit card (i.e., your replenishment amount) will be equal to one month's average usage (based on the previous 90 days of use) or $25, whichever amount is greater. This method is the easiest way to ensure your FasTrak account always has funds.

For accounts that use cash, checks or money orders as the primary payment method, you are responsible for depositing funds into your FasTrak account whenever the “Low Bal” or “Account Low” message appears on the driver feedback display located at the tollbooth. You must replenish your account whenever your prepaid toll balance falls below $30 or the minimum threshold.

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