We offer toll discounts to carpool and motorcycles during commute hours on all Bay Area toll bridges and toll-free travel in express lanes when using FasTrak correctly. Eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs) receive discounts on all state-owned Bay Area toll bridges (but not the Golden Gate Bridge) and toll-free travel in express lanes.
All Bay Area toll bridges have designated carpool lanes allowing these vehicles to bypass traffic congestion. The number of people needed to be a carpool is posted along the highway carpool lanes. Vanpools also can travel toll-free on both bridges and in Express Lanes. It's easy to join or form a carpool or vanpool.
Bay Area Express Lanes
Use FasTrak correctly for toll-free or discounted travel in express lanes as a carpool, motorcycle or eligible clean air vehicle (CAV).
In the SR-237 Express Lanes

Eligible CAVs should use a FasTrak CAV toll tag in the SR-237 express lanes and set the switch to match the number of occupants in the vehicle.

Solo drivers in eligible CAVs do not qualify for toll-free travel. If using a FasTrak CAV toll tag, set the switch to position 1 and receive a 50% discount off the toll. The FasTrak CAV toll tag is the only one that will communicate the discounted toll to roadside equipment. Learn more about the FasTrak CAV here. If using a FasTrak Flex toll tag, the switch must be in position 1 – the full toll will be charged.

Carpools, vanpools, motorcycles and other toll-exempt vehicles may travel toll free, but must use a FasTrak Flex or FasTrak CAV toll tag. Use position 2 if there are two people in the vehicle. Use position 3+ if there are three or more people in the vehicle. Motorcycles should also use position 3+.

In the I-580 and I-680 Contra Costa Express Lanes

You must use a FasTrak Flex toll tag set to position 2 or position 3+.

If you have a FasTrak CAV toll tag, set the switch to match the number of people in the vehicle.

In the I-680 Sunol Express Lanes

You do not need a toll tag for toll-free travel as a carpool, motorcycle, or eligible CAV.

  • If you have a standard FasTrak toll tag, put it into a Mylar bag to avoid detection.
  • If you have a FasTrak Flex toll tag, set it to position 2 or position 3+.
  • If you have a FasTrak CAV toll tag, set the switch to match the number of people in the vehicle.

Express Lanes
FasTrak Toll Tags
I-580 and I-680 Contra Costa, and SR-237

For more information on Clean Air Vehicles, click here.
Toll Bridges — Commute Time Discounts

During commute times, carpools, motorcycles, and eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs)* can receive toll discounts on Bay Area bridges. Carpool hours are posted on roadside signage at each location. You must use the designated carpool lane with a valid FasTrak toll tag to receive the discounted toll rate.

*Clean air vehicles are not eligible for reduced tolls and may not use carpool lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge unless they meet the minimum passenger requirements for carpools and have a valid FasTrak toll tag.

* Toll rates for two-axle vehicles shown.
Vanpools Cross Toll-Free — Rideshare
Qualifying vanpools with 11 to 15 passengers and registered with 511 Rideshare can cross the bridges toll-free. Getting started is easy. For more information and how to qualify, visit 511 Rideshare or call 511, say "Rideshare" and ask to speak with a vanpool consultant.
Join or Form a Carpool or Vanpool - RideMatch
People in a carpool or vanpool can spend less time driving, reduce carbon emissions, and lower their parking costs - in addition to receiving toll discounts or toll-free travel. Use the 511 RideMatch service to find others with similar commutes and then arrange a carpool or vanpool.
FasTrak Flex Toll Tag
I-580 Carpools
I-680 Contra Costa Carpools
511 RideShare
511 RideMatch